Welcome Home

Welcome to Home Sweet Armenia! I’m excited to share the tips I’ve learned and insights I’ve developed from being a tourist in and resident of Armenia. My goal is to answer the frequently asked questions about visiting Armenia – not only for travelers preparing to visit, but also for potential visitors who are considering a trip. I’ll also include information that answer not-so-commonly asked questions, as well as what it’s like to move to/live in Armenia.


A few disclaimers:

  • I’m not a tour guide. I haven’t visited every site or village. I haven’t eaten at every restaurant, sipped at every café, or partied at every bar. Bottom line: I’m not an expert. Moreover…
  • I’m not a local. Though I’m of Armenian descent, I was born and raised in America. Prior to moving here nearly a year ago, I had visited Armenia four times. My perspectives are the mixed result of being a tourist & a resident – a resident tourist, if you will.
  • This is not my day job. I’m a speech-language pathologist by profession – aka a speech therapist – and I work as an English tutor in Yerevan. I also enjoy volunteering with local NGOs and organizations. But everyday, I have some sort of experience that is related to this blog’s purpose. I get content inspiration from friends’ emails, family dinners, learning from locals, chatting with tourists, and my own experiences of exploring the country.
  • This is a [productive] hobby. Some people have wondered why I’m writing this blog. Well, I love Armenia, and I love helping people! I also love interacting with tourists – I’ve had interesting conversations with people visiting from at least 20 different countries. They’ve asked for advice that a Google search can’t answer – and I’ve helped them!
  • I like to write, but… I’m not a writer. For the sake of actually getting posts online (vs. sitting on my laptop), the content is not going to be poetic or impressive. It’s going to be the info you need for an easy and fun trip to Armenia. I also realize that English is not the primary language of many tourists (though most speak it as a second/third/fourth?! language). For that reason, I’ll keep my hilarious wit and creative puns to a minimum.

Now that that’s out of the way, thanks for visiting Home Sweet Armenia. Come back soon… my blog – and the country – welcome you!